Data collection and analysis are incredibly different fields. C3 understands that when data is easy to access and understand, a manufacturer can make the necessary changes to the business. We can track product and machine efficiencies and report back to the user through a tablet or smart device. We won’t even disrupt your current IT system.


We have a lot of experience understanding manufacturing machines and creating a data collection plan that provides relevant and timely information. Upfront analysis on the hardware and software for individual machines ensures the project scale is responsive to strategic goals and budget. We’ll customize our reporting for quick and easy understanding.


There are many ways to approach data collection. As an OEM, C3 has extensive experience with complex machine function. By collecting data at the root level and pushing up to the collection agent, you will feel confident the data collected is accurate and efficient.


  • PlantQue™
  • SQL Databases
  • Recipe Systems
  • OPC Servers
  • Linked OPC Servers


We use dedicated data collector PLC outfitted with networking capabilities and PLC cards to push data into corporate databases.

  • Software Development
  • Microsoft Office Templates
  • Visual Basic
  • Database Development



C3 provides advanced software analysis, assessment and design to improve machine design and validation. Some of C3s data and information services include:

  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  • Structural and kinematic analysis
  • Animated at speed – acceleration/deceleration
  • Frequency/vibration analysis
  • PLC code
  • I/O communication
  • HMI programming


  • Variety of controls platforms: Allen-Bradley, Siemens, G&L, Modicon, GE
  • I/O checkout
  • Simulation testing
  • Project management
  • Panel design and build



Our clients have IT that spans from a server/mainframe to desktops and migrates down to production floor subsystems. We engineer and support a wide variety of information solutions that leverage our clients’ current infrastructure and takes advantage of technologies they have not yet deployed. Examples include wired and wireless Ethernet, RFID, barcode, web applications, advanced data collection, analysis and reporting.



The C³ data was right. It was more accurate than our own internal business reporting. We found many errors in our own systems. C³ developed a system that makes my job easier. I can get any report I need in five minutes or less. This will transfer to our bottom line.