Smart Identity System – Software

Marking and identity systems affect companies from the corporate ERP level all the way to a manufacturing line.

Marking can be in label form, etching, engraving, stamping, etc. There are many reasons for marking; branding, traceability, Quality Assurance, shipping, etc.

Enterprise software like, Oracle or SAP,  handles a lot of business for most corporations, from raw goods in, finished product leaving, and customers orders. The complexity and layers of involvement need some simplification. At C3 Corporation, we used our background in software development to create a controller to remove most of the levels disrupting manufacturing marking systems.


Current Designs

Traceability is a big deal to an erp system and manufacturing labeling


C3Corporation Solution

C3 corporation's identity controller manages and stores all traceable components between manufacturing and ERP


The Controls

  • Access from PC or Smart Device
  • Manage scales, scanners, data collect, various peripheral plug-ins
  • Customized configurations
  • Minimize replacement downtime
  • Download / export tables via database