Meet The Engineer: Alex, Mechanical Engineer Lead

We like to think of our engineers as the “brains” of our business. Engineering is the department where the light bulb brightens with new machine functions and designs. They dream and craft the machines that hit our operations floor, and they work hand in hand with other departments to bring their designs to market and your facility.

Because of this, we feel it’s our responsibility to introduce you to our engineers. After all, they’re the ones that take your ideas, goals, and needs for your operations and turn them into the machines you seek. Without knowing who is behind the design, how can you trust you’re receiving quality equipment?

We’d like to introduce you to Alex, our Mechanical Engineer Lead, who’s been with us since we’ve started serving the foam and mattress industry. He was involved in some of the earliest renditions of our packaging equipment and today oversees project teams across all machine divisions, mainly responsible for the research and development of our machinery and system designs.

Click the video below to learn more about Alex, and what fuels his passion for engineering.

Alex played an integral part of the engineering team on a wide range of products C³ manufactures. When C³ was engineering some of its first equipment for the foam and mattress industry, Alex worked on the roll cage design that’s still essential to any compression machine. On the second compression machine C³ built, he worked alongside another mechanical engineer to design the topper compression machine.

This initial roll cage design led to many of the compression machines we sell today, including the CF1396 Compression Folding System for mattresses and BC2496 Block Compression System. Most recently, the technology was used in the TC9513 Topper Roll Cage System which Alex designed.

His work also extends into the lamination and assembly machines and as team lead, he has served the role as mentor to many of our new engineers.

“My favorite part of my job is watching the machine leave C³ knowing it’s a great solution for our customer,” Alex says.

Our engineers are heavily involved not only in the design process, but also in the final functionality of the machine. After a machine is designed and built, engineers like Alex spend several days, known as “Start-up,” making sure the machine operates and performs as customers expect. Especially on new designs, this step is critical for customer satisfaction, as engineers take time to work out kinks and bottlenecks that may affect production.

After a machine passes Start-up, customers are welcomed onsite for final acceptance testing. Here, the customer will meet the C³ support team and see their machine for the first time. Once approved, it’s off to the customer. This cycle gives engineers like Alex great pride in knowing they made something the customer can use to grow their business and make quality products.

“This is my favorite part of my job because the client has been here, they’ve seen their machine work and ran their product through it. We’re shaking hands with them and on the same page. It’s the start of a new relationship and we’re really confident they got what they needed,” Alex says.

“Working with the engineering team is great – everyone’s hardworking, takes direction well, and sees to every single item they’re assigned. It makes working with everyone and giving direction very easy,” Alex concludes.

Because of his seniority, Alex has watched the engineering team grow as C³ has expanded. The values of the team have stayed the same since day one: Work hard, drive to find solutions, and gel with the team. These values start within the engineering group, and then impact everyone else they work with, from coworkers to customers.

Alex continues to drive innovation at C³. He currently works on mechanical designs for a new line of variable roll cages for our compression equipment and assists with variable gap control on lamination systems set to release in early 2019. Innovation doesn’t die; with a team as passionate about engineering as Alex is, it leaves few opportunities untaken and problems unsolved.

Engineers like Alex allow C³ to deliver on our promise of quality equipment that will withstand the pressures of day to day operations. We have engineers like him behind our machinery that stand for integrity and ingenuity; that work to deliver machines they are proud to showcase as their designs and we’re proud to sell.

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